At The Summit we believe that every women’s professional path is distinct and with that uniqueness deserving of customized services.

Serving as a gateway to authentic and achievable change, we’ve designed our services so that any woman looking to restart or change her professional trajectory can find an approach that suits her needs.

Through our work, with women of every kind, we’ve figured out three ways that our clients find highly effective for moving forward.

1. Gearing Up – The Confidence Builder
Sometimes starting the process of change is the hardest part. A few simple exercises and a focused conversation is a great way to gear up for change, see possibilities and devote time and attention to what matters to you. Gearing Up – The Confidence Builder is a 90-minute investment that will give you that toehold to get you on your way.

What you can expect?
• A clear view of your goal
• Clarity of your priorities
• Realistic next steps to take and vetted resources to take advantage of

The Confidence builder is available in person (in NYC), via Skype or by phone.

2. The Summit Classic The Summit Classic combines appreciative inquiry, masterminding and the unique perspective of curated personal advisors together for a day of discovery, validation and planning. Facilitated by a certified coach with expertise in professional re-start or change, as a Classic Summit client, you will surface with a peak experience, while taking advantage of the brain trust in the room, including:

• Clarity and purpose on where you are headed professionally • Renewed insights on your current strengths, interests and values you bring to those around you and a professional environment • An understanding on how your talents align with current trends • A launch plan and timeline with action steps that are in sync with your lifestyle • New networking opportunities and related resources to support your path

What could take months through traditional approaches (e.g. coaching, therapy, etc.) is delivered in less than six weeks.

As a Summit graduate, you surface with a clear path and specific strategies – coupled with an action plan and related timeline – to reach your desired goals. Action-oriented, we know that a road map and a schedule is a key differential for our clients. We also offer post-Summit support to ensure your success.

3. The Summit Retreat You and I also know firsthand the power of women, in an intimate and safe space, talking about their aspirations, doubts, and the challenges they face when fathoming their future.

With that knowledge as a backdrop, The Summit offers a private one-day retreat to women who have already expressed interest in asking, “What’s next for me?” and want to move forward in the company of kindred spirits.

Between morning coffee, lunch, and a final cocktail reception, participants will surface from this highly interactive day with:

  • Alignment and clarity that speaks to “Who am I now?”
  • A full inventory of your skills, interests, and passions in real time
  • An understanding of your key priorities for your work style and lifestyle
  • Where the demand is in the marketplace for what excites you
  • A plan with a timeline to propel you forward
  • Access to support and resources to keep you on track well after the end of the day

The Summit Consulting & Coaching – Staying on Track We are invested in helping our clients realize breakthrough results. Available exclusively to Confidence Builder alums and Summit graduates, we offer professional coaching and consulting services to ensure milestones are reached and that our customers have access to relevant resources to further their goals.

Consulting sessions are 50 minutes long and available in person (in New York City), via Skype or by phone.


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