Savvy Ladies, “Using Purpose and People to Guide a Professional Transition,” March 15, 2017

The Clyde Fitch Report
, “Resources & Inspirations For Moms Relaunching Careers,” May 5, 2016

“…Do you ever wish you could gather all the people you trust and admire into one room to help you brainstorm a challenge you’re having? The Summit makes this possible. It allows you to convene with a group of trusted advisors and friends who you know can help you make the career changes you want. Now that’s an intervention I would happily stand behind! …

“Founded by a long time nonprofiteer with City Harvest, Sheilah Crowley, The Summit is a NYC-based career transition service that supports women looking to restart or change their professional trajectory.”

Greenwich Time, “Sheilah Crowley Oped: The Emerging She-Economy,” May 17, 2016

“My life is similar to many other women today: I am a breadwinner, wife, mother, and friend. But one day, while being pulled by these competing priorities, I was forced to face a sobering health crisis. Ironically, it led me on the path to fulfilling my dreams.”

Stamford Advocate, “Sheilah Crowley Oped: The Emerging She-Economy,” May 17, 2016

“My second career is no less demanding. But it is less stressful because I love it even more than my first one. Not coincidentally, I feel more energized than I have felt in years and my MS symptoms are stable. This new career provides the flexibility I need to fulfill my other commitments — and most importantly — to maintain my health.”

Biz India, “The Emerging She-Economy,” May 26, 2016

“My new business teaches women how to recognize their unique talents and become their own CEOs, independent contractors or employees in fulfilling jobs. Many are moms yearning for a first or second career and seeing an opening after their primary child-rearing years are over.”

TLNT / Talent Management and HR, “Women Ask: What’s Possible For Me?’” June 2, 2016

“Some women are so talented they could run our nation, but chose to run households. Most women could reignite a professional career or launch a business, but are not sure where they would fit in or where to start. It is no wonder that given the sustained attention these women bestow on their husbands, kids, kids’ schools, their communities — in effect everyone but themselves — they haven’t had the space to ask: What’s possible for me?”