The Summit is a unique experience for women who want to redefine their purpose. But don’t take our word for it, see what those who have been through the process have to say:

That was a most inspiring experience. Thank you for giving me the space and time to receive the wise words of my trusted advisors, for framing the conversation, and guiding us to its conclusion. You and Laura were masterful. 

On a superficial level, it was exceedingly flattering to have so much energy directed at ME. That kind of attention makes me squeamish, usually. But because of the tone you set from the beginning, creating a nonjudgmental net in which to bounce and fall, I could simply listen. The Summit allowed me to silence the chatter in my head. 
Nan Doyle, Summit participant

Some of the things my friends listed as my strengths were actually shocking, for two reasons: 
1) some were completely at odds with my self-image and 
2) a substantial number of them are NOT on display in my job. 
So I was like, “jeez, no wonder I’m so miserable at work. I’m not myself.” 
Caitlin G., Summit participant

I was honored to be asked to be on Annette’s advisory team
Cara Kantrowitz, Summit team member

It’s not something that’s easy to describe. It’s not until you get there that you see how The Summit is a recognition of the whole human being.
Katherine Crowley, Summit advisor  

I would recommend The Summit to anyone – especially those who feel stuck and need a map towards fulfilling a life vision.
Elle B., Summit Participant